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Double-edge Tactile Maps and Speculative Geographies 

in Plexing the Otiose Participant

Shaun Murray, 2012

The creation of a mandala, as a double-edge tactile map, requires many hours and days to complete. One edge cutting through the dominant ’theory chic’ of contemporary architecture and the other opening the way for a more dangerous conception of design.

Each mandala contains many notations that must be perfectly reproduced each time, to plex an otiose participant back into a contingent reality with themselves and with the ground. The image shows a participant making a mandala; as a tool for positioning themselves within.

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claudia turrent + alejandro d’acosta recycles boats into wine facility

claudia turrent + alejandro d’acosta arquitectos recycles boats into wine facility
all images courtesy of claudia turrent + alejandro d’acosta arquitectos


the structure is made from recycled materials from discarded boats

using recycled materials, the wine making facility by californian design studio claudia turrent + alejandro d’acosta arquitectos is constructed to mimic the existing environment. the vineyards are located in an important wine region in mexico, the guadalupe valley in the ejido of el porvenir and situated 20 km east of the city of ensenada, baja in california. seeking to unite this area with the sea, the project was based on referencing viticulture with marine debris. the soil has been left bare, assembling only the floors and ceilings using discarded boats from the nearby port and transforming them into the barrel vaults.


the wine facility references the surrounding mountains and stars in its layout


the layout responds to the most efficient methods for wine production


interior view of the facility

the valley runs perpendicular to the sea with prevailing winds from the humboldt current and is surrounded by deserts and rugged mountains. the layout of the structure references the mountains and the stars, with the winds crops and equipment placed accordingly. following this, the most efficient ways for wine making were considered – a radial pattern for industrial production has less distance between different parts, helping to produce fluid. gravity is used to give more control over the wine making process and aeration, reducing the need for pumps.


the structure extends out into the landscape


natural materials are incorporated into the site


detail view of the canopy with vineyards beyond


the ombligo

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